Frameless Shower Enclosures- How safe are they?

Frameless shower enclosures make a pretty addition to any bathroom. They help save space and can be customized to your desired shape and size. However, you wonder is if it actually is safe to use a glass door in a bathroom.

This is what bothers most homeowners who are thinking of installing frameless glass shower doors. It’s in fact not surprising because there’s the risk of one day ending up with shattered glass pieces in the bathroom.

The fear of glass shower doors

Many people worry that a shower glass door may explode if it gets a minor crack. They think it is because the glass is to lots of heat before its installation. They believe that it’s true the heating process may make the glass resistant to any form of direct force. They also worry that a tiny side fracture to the door can make it crack within a few hours or days.

People advocate that a glass door with a border or boundary is a stronger and safer option for the bathroom. However, this is not what experts say. Yes, they do agree that frameless shower enclosures may break, crack or shatter with use.

However, the risk is actually not higher than the risk on any other glass door. This means that any glass door may break, and pose the risk of ending up with glass shards that may hurt your feet.

How glass shower doors are made

It should be noted that the glass used for frameless shower doors is not ordinary glass. It is tempered glass, which is stronger and thicker than ordinary glass. This is how and why it reduces injury risks if broken, and makes a better choice for bathrooms.

The glass goes through an extensive manufacturing process. It is first heated and then cooled. This is how the glass ends up stronger. However, this also means that a crack on any part can cause the entire sheet to break.

There however is good news in case the glass does break. As it is tempered, and not ordinary glass, it disintegrates into many small, oval-shaped pieces without sharp edges.

They are unlike the normal glass which integrates into sharp and dangerous glass pieces. In short, the chances of a person getting hurt if a tempered frameless glass door breaks are quite low.

The same glass used in coffee makers

Tempered glass is the same glass that is used for making other appliances that are exposed to high temperatures. This means that the glass in coffee makers, computers and frameless shower enclosures are all similar. The same glass is also used to protect windscreens, proving how safe and strong it actually is.

If the glass can withstand the heat of your steaming cup of coffee, it pretty much can endure the heat of a shower. So you can pretty much say that frameless shower doors not only enhance the looks of your bathroom but are also safe.

Prevention is always better, even in the bathroom

Prevention is always better than cure and it applies here with frameless glass doors too. The best way to enjoy the beauty of frameless shower enclosures, and avoid any injuries is with proper care and maintenance.
This means that you should

  • Be careful while opening and closing these shower doors
  • Not slam the door at all
  • Never hit the glass door with a sharp or heavy object
  • Have some ground rules about behavior around the shower enclosure with your kids

Choose the right supplier

Yes, it is also important that you chose your glass door supplier carefully. Don’t just buy your door from the first shop you find. Look for someone who sells the best and high-quality frameless shower enclosures.

It’s only if and when you buy a low-quality glass door, with poor quality compression hinges that the possibilities of accidents occurring are higher. It is also better to hire a professional to install the glass door for you.

Poorly installed doors do not last long and are not safe. Professionals know the protocol to install the door, and do it well. It also doesn’t hurt if you take time to periodically check the door for any signs of cracks or chips.

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