6 Reasons to use Tempered Glass for Custom Glass Shower Doors

modern glass shower door

Did you know that the beauty of your bathroom is enhanced with the right custom glass shower doors? Clear, well designed and perfectly fitted shower doors accentuate the beauty of your bathroom interiors and accessories. While aesthetics are important, your shower glass enclosure should also be safe.    There is always the possibility of glass…

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8 Myths About Glass Frameless Showers Debunked

Sandblasted glass shower door

The many myths and misconceptions people have about glass frameless showers make people think twice about buying it. However, as a friendly piece of advice, it’s better to not believe everything you hear. You’ll be surprised how wrong and misguiding they are once you learn their facts and realities. Myth no. 1: Difficult To Clean…

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12 Glass Shower Door Trends To Look Out For In 2019


Has looking at those beautiful magazine pictures make you consider renovating your bathroom? Do you hesitate because of budget and time constraints? If yes, then you will be happy to know that just replacing your shower door can make your bathroom look new. You have lots of shower glass door designs to choose from where…

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