5 Common Frameless Shower Doors Repairs

frameless shower door

Frameless shower doors add a touch of exquisite to your bathroom. Despite being made of glass, they look elegant and do a pretty good job as a door. However, no matter how careful you may use your doors, they go through normal wear and tear with everyday use.  The common problems you may encounter in…

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Frameless Shower Enclosures- How safe are they?


Frameless shower enclosures make a pretty addition to any bathroom. They help save space and can be customized to your desired shape and size. However, you wonder is if it actually is safe to use a glass door in a bathroom. This is what bothers most homeowners who are thinking of installing frameless glass shower…

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How To Chose A Glass Company For Shower Doors

withe neo angle enclosure

Shower doors are no easy investments. You need to choose not only the right sized door but also doors made of glass strong enough to sustain the heat in showers. This is possible only if you find and buy from the best glass company. Here are a few tips that should help you select a…

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Benefits And Tips For Choosing Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless Shower Door

Are you remodeling your bathroom? Why settle for regular shower doors when you can try something much better in looks, costs, and ambiance, like frameless shower doors? Yes, you can now install frameless doors to your shower and reap the following benefits it offers: Customization: customization is the most important benefit of frameless shower doors.…

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