Are you aware of these 10 benefits of glass table tops?

With so many tables and designs to choose from, choosing the right one may not be easy. The choice between a wooden and glass table is usually the most difficult to make.

When it comes to glass tabletops, it’s tempered glass which is used because it looks natural and presentable to easily blend in any interior. In fact, while both tabletops are good and reliable glass table tops are a step ahead.

They are the most widely used option for both apartments and private houses for the following reasons:

Creates an illusion of space

The transparency of glass creates an illusion of space by making a room look larger and airier than it is. This is why a glass table top is a great choice if the kitchen and dining room are the same space.


Glass tops are versatile in nature and easily blend with different types of interior decors. It looks great in vintage and traditional, modern and contemporary and even in homes with rustic or earthy interiors. The fact that the glass table tops can be custom designed gives many more design options to choose from.


It goes without saying that glass table tops have a luxurious appearance and sleek aesthetics which easily improve the beauty and elegance of the living or kitchen room. You can even add to its style by customizing its edges with either trendy vibes or elegant motifs.

Helps highlight something else

The transparency of glass clubbed with its streamlined aesthetics, helps glass table tops emphasize on the beauty of the nearby decor. In other words, you can use the glass’s transparency to highlight the beauty of a gorgeous area rug, the brightness of a tall sculpture or couch’s overhead lights.

Minimal maintenance

Cleaning glass tabletops is so easy. All you have to use are a gentle cleanser and a cloth to wipe it clean of any food or wine stain. Glass tops can be easily replaced if they get damaged or cracked, which is cheaper and better than replacing the entire table. Besides, micro scratches are easily camouflaged on glass countertops.

Safe and not affected by changes in humidity and temperature

Glass tops usually come with rounded polished edges for safety and prevention from any scratches.

The glass is durable and does not easily break or get damaged. This is mainly attributed to the fact that it can withstand high temperatures to a maximum of 270 degrees Celsius.

Protects wood underneath

The fact that glass tops are cheaper and easier to replace than an entire table makes it a suitable investment to be used atop your existing antique or unique wooden table.

It protects the table from possible threats like scratches, stains, water rings and even sun damage which may eventually ruin the wood’s overall quality. You will at the most have to change the glass top, and not the table if anything breaks. The only thing you should remember here is to ensure the wooden table base is strong enough to bear the weight of the glass tabletop atop it.

Make your DIY table look stylish

If you are a DIY person and plan to make an additional table out of an old door, crate or pallet, you can improve the looks of the table by placing the glass sheet on top of it. You can also place it atop a wooden trunk, a barrel, a vintage sewing machine to turn them into a great DIY table project.

Accentuate the beauty of the wooden base

Glass table tops are ideal to accentuate the beauty of a table with a really interesting looking base. Instead of hiding the base under a table cloth to prevent it from getting damaged or stained, you just have to place a glass top on it. This way it both protects the table from stains and also lets you admire its beauty.

Give life to old wooden tables

It is better to place a glass table top on older furnishings like tables instead of giving it a fresh coat of pain. It’s not only a quicker option but also serves as added protection to the table.

If you were never aware of these benefits, and now realize the need for glass tabletops, it’s time you paid a visit to Regal Glass and Mirrors.

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