How To Chose A Glass Company For Shower Doors

Shower doors are no easy investments. You need to choose not only the right sized door but also doors made of glass strong enough to sustain the heat in showers.

This is possible only if you find and buy from the best glass company. Here are a few tips that should help you select a top-rated shower door company.

  • Reliability

Look for a company offering high rated and reliable shower doors. There is nothing more dangerous than the door cracking, and possibly breaking while taking a bath.

  • License

It is always better to work with a company that is licensed, insured and bonded. You know that the company complies with the building codes and contracting guidelines.

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)

It’s worth checking with the BBB to ensure you work with a company with a great reputation. A visit here lets you know if there are any pending claims or judgments against the company. You can also find out how quickly and well the company responds to door problems and complaints.

  • Ask for references

Don’t hesitate to ask the shower door company for references to their work. Reliable and safe companies will be more than ready to share these details with you. Take a look at the photos and call up clients who had installed similar glass doors.

Call them to find out about their experience with the contractors. Also, ask if the glass company was responsive with your calls and helped you make tough decisions.

At the same time, be careful about any contractor’s references you receive. Sometimes glass companies refer them only because they receive a percentage of the project cost.

  • Don’t forget guarantees

The glass company should not only give a guarantee for your custom shower door, but also for everything else like hardware and shower door handles. This proves that the company deals with reliable products.

  • Engineering and craftsmanship

The company’s portfolio not only tells you about their past customers but also about their craftsmanship and engineering precision. Choose a company that designs, manufactures and installs glass doors to ensure you enjoy a relaxing shower.

They should also fabricate a door with precise accuracy and workmanship to enhance your shower feel and space. So the door should properly fit into the shower enclosure while maximizing durability and look great.

  • Good quality hardware

It’s not just the glass door quality that you have to check. The glass company should also use durable and quality materials to manufacture the shower enclosure. So the shower door handles, door pulls and towel bars should be both heavy and sturdy.

They should also offer hardware available in various quality finishes. Semi-frameless showers should be made of heat treated hardened aluminum to prevent possible bending and surface scratches.

Similarly, look for companies that offer shower door handles that prevent dirt buildup, and retain water within the enclosure. Drip systems that seal to retain water in the shower and off the bathroom door are always a better choice. It goes without saying that the glass should be easy to clean for better and longer enjoyment.

  • Variety of glass options

A glass company offering various glass options helps you choose the best glass door for our bathroom. They should offer choices in various styles ranging from a clear and open look to beveled glass or glasses with distinctive patterns etched on it.

  • Customized colors and design

It’s not always that your dream bathroom design is found in catalogs. You will have to find a glass company that has experts ready to work at customizing and building your bathroom based on your chosen colors and design. They should offer a palette with diverse options to meet any homeowner’s taste.

Last, but not least, shower door companies with a solid showroom are always a better choice. The showroom should have the latest bathroom designs from the industry’s leading manufacturers on display. They should also have a friendly and supportive staff to guide you through your choice, and give you a wonderful showroom experience.

Now that you know what to look out for, you finally know how to find the right glass company for your shower door.

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