8 Myths About Glass Frameless Showers Debunked

The many myths and misconceptions people have about glass frameless showers make people think twice about buying it. However, as a friendly piece of advice, it’s better to not believe everything you hear.

You’ll be surprised how wrong and misguiding they are once you learn their facts and realities.

Myth no. 1: Difficult To Clean And Maintain.

It’s the glass doors that make these showers look so elegant and spacious. Yes, they do end up dirty and full of soap scum; however, they are not persistent stains.

There are lots of products online that help keeps them looking pristine. In fact, some even have additional protective coatings to keep water off the glass and keep it clean.

Myth no.2: Glass Doors Are Easily Shattered.

Have you actually heard about any glass frameless showers doors falling and shattering real time? Most probably no because it’s usually a work of fiction that happens only in movies.

On the contrary, these doors are stronger than the framed versions because they don’t have any materials that end up corroding and breaking with time.

With a professional installation and the right parts, these doors are rather durable. Besides, these glass doors are tempered to ensure they do not shatter into sharp and dangerous pieces if it does break.

Myth no.3: Glass Frameless Showers Are Expensive.

It’s true that frameless showers are expensive. However, there are many providers willing to offer competitive payment options if you can’t afford to pay a single lump sum.

However, it’s not actually worth buying a cheap door. The rate is decided, and at par with the quality of hardware used, installation method used and the type of door and company you choose.

If you have plans of selling your home later on, then these doors can actually fetch you a better rate, and indirectly increase your property’s resale value.

Myth no.4: These Showers Leak Water.

This is a misconception conceptualized because the public doesn’t know how these doors work. They assume that there are large gaps between the glass and structure because of the absence of a framework. They assume this gives space and opportunity for water to leak.

However, they’ve got everything wrong. Proper and professional construction and installation of glass framework showers create the desired slope that helps the shower drain instead of ending up leaking outside the enclosure.

In fact, these showers generally have other elements like a shower dam or straight walls that prevent leakage.

Myth no.5: All Glass Frameless Showers Are Similar.

This is far from the truth. You can make your shower as unique as possible by using different shower door options. For example, you could create a frosty look with frosted glass doors or go for a beautifully designed or curved door. There’s a design and look for every taste and budget!

Myth no. 6: Towel Bars Can Be Fitted Anytime, Even After Installation.

That is false. If you plan to have a towel bar, then make sure that you keep it in mind while designing your glass frameless showers. You, in fact, most importantly have to consider it while selecting the right type of shower door for yourself. This is because exact placement has to be done, with the required holes made the shower doors during its manufacture.

Myth no.7: Shower Doors With Protective Glass Coatings Are Maintenance Free.

This is not true because nothing is maintenance free, especially shower doors that come in contact with water. Even though the glass door may be coated to reduce maintenance, you need to wipe it down regularly and squeegee it periodically for longer life. The only and best way to protect your investment is by removing all residual water from the glass door.

Myth no.8: Showerheads Can Be Positioned Anywhere.

This is false because the showerhead has to be positioned properly for maximum waterproofing. In case of a sliding or rolling shower door, the inner showerhead panel should preferably be positioned by the wall.
In case of swing doors or door and panel configuration, it’s better if the hinge is located opposite the shower head. In short, your bathroom layout determines the swing door’s placement.

Now that these 8 myths about glass frameless showers have been expelled, a visit to Regal Glass should give you the right guidance to buy and professionally install one.

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