6 Reasons to use Tempered Glass for Custom Glass Shower Doors

Did you know that the beauty of your bathroom is enhanced with the right custom glass shower doors? Clear, well designed and perfectly fitted shower doors accentuate the beauty of your bathroom interiors and accessories. While aesthetics are important, your shower glass enclosure should also be safe. 


There is always the possibility of glass cracking due to the heat of hot water. This is why you should not just use any standard glass for your shower door. 

You have to use safety glass that is specially designed for bathroom use. Yes, according to the International Residential Code, safety glass is a must for shower doors and windows in the shower region. 


What is safety glass?

Your next question will naturally be what safety glass is, and what’s so special about it. As the name suggests, safety glass is built safe, and one such glass is tempered glass. 

This is glass that is manufactured to be four times stronger than normal glass and less likely to break. Even if it does, the glass shards are not as dangerous as standard glass. 

All this is because of its special manufacturing process. It is first heated and rapidly cooled to keep its internal part fluid for a longer period. This is what makes it very strong and ensure the glass breaks into small, blunt pieces. 

This is why and how tempered glass is so prominently used in places where it shouldn’t break easily like customized glass shower doors and car windows. There are quite a few benefits, and reasons to use tempered glass for your bathroom shower door. 

1. Safety of course

This is the biggest advantage tempered glass has over other glass types. It’s because it breaks into small, circular, harmless pieces if shattered for some reason or the other. 

Normal, annealed glass, on the contrary, breaks into sharp and dangerous jagged shards. This means that there is a higher chance of your getting injured if it breaks. 

Besides, it is also more difficult to clean up sharp glass shards than circular, harmless pieces.  The best way to avoid unnecessary injury in the bathroom is by using tempered glass as customized glass shower doors. 

2. Built to be strong

While there is a chance of tempered glass shower doors cracking, it’s a low probability. This is because as mentioned earlier, tempered glass is built to be four times as strong as normal glass. It is strong enough to withstand not only heat but also extreme weather conditions, which is why it’s used in car doors too. 

3. Heat resistant

Regular glass tends to shatter upon exposure to heat. This leads to the dispersion of dangerous glass shards. However, the unique manufacture process of tempered glass ensures it withstands the high temperatures in bathrooms because of exposure to hot water. 

4. Damage and scratch-resistant

Tempered glass is designed to resist scratches that may occur with everyday use, wear and tear. The scratch resistance not only reduces the possibility of scratches but also keeps the glass looking clear for a longer period. 

5. Versatility

Tempered glass is perfect for custom glass shower doors because it can be used with any design and shower enclosure. It is available in various patterns and designs to choose and complement your bathroom’s unique style and taste. 

Some examples are frosted, patterned, clear colored and engraved glass options. These glass options let you unleash your creativity while designing custom glass shower doors.  

6. Optimal clarity and easy to clean

Your tempered glass custom glass shower doors will look new for many years to come because it’s known to offer crystal clear clarity. This clarity gives outstanding visibility in various settings. Besides, the glass is also easy to clean because it is resistant to smudges; so maintenance is not a problem. 

It is the many features and benefits of tempered glass that makes it the perfect choice for your custom glass shower doors. After spending so much time and money on tempered glass, it is important you install them properly. 

Let the professionals do it for you. The right people take the required measurements and give you your shower door as per your tastes and requirements. 

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