12 Glass Shower Door Trends To Look Out For In 2019

Has looking at those beautiful magazine pictures make you consider renovating your bathroom? Do you hesitate because of budget and time constraints? If yes, then you will be happy to know that just replacing your shower door can make your bathroom look new.

You have lots of shower glass door designs to choose from where the latest trend is frameless versions. They take up less space and come in various designs to choose from.

Choosing the right designed frameless glass door will help make your bathroom look taller even in small bathrooms. You can even add designer handles to the door for a fashionable touch.

Glass shower door trends

  1. Corner shower doors
    The specialty of corner shower doors is that it can be of any shape. You can choose your door based on the existing shape and material, and based on the style you want to create. You have the liberty of choosing between swinging and sliding doors.
  2. Curved glass shower door
    This is a timeless addition to any bathroom because its curved surface makes your shower your bathroom’s focal point. While it does soften a round or corner shower cabin, you do not have to use it only in corner showers. You get the perfect curved look in any bathroom layout, and you can even get one with hinges and in a sliding design.
  3. Partial enclosures
    This is a good option for walk-in showers. It is also functional in design because it minimizes water splashes.
  4. Frosted glass
    This is an old design that’s coming back with a bang. It comes in simple and intricate designs to add some elegance to your bathroom. It also provides additional privacy and is especially good if you share the bathroom.
  5. Rain or textured glass shower doors
    This is another option if you are looking for added privacy in the bathroom. It’s quite similar to frosted glass but is uniquely designed to act as your bathroom’s focal point.
  6. Etched glass door
    You can always etch a particular design into the glass to add some originality to your bathroom decor. Even if you do not have any particular design to etch onto the glass door, you can always buy a designed window covering. You then just have to place directly onto your bathroom’s shower door.
  7. Sliding shower door
    You can add a stylish and modern touch to your bathroom by installing a sliding shower door. Frameless shower doors look great and help save space in restricted small bathrooms.
  8. Vintage shower doors
    If you are a vintage look lover, then you could consider including a vintage shower door in your bathroom. You can choose between caged frame shower doors to accordion designs which add elegance, and a touch of antiquity, to your bathroom.
  9. Bifold glass shower door
    Yes, you heard right. These glass shower doors close in on themselves. It thus offers the benefit of saving space while offering a great design element to the bathroom.
  10. Frosted and clear glass door
    Instead of having a frosted or clear glass door, you can use the best of both doors. This means that you can use the frosted parts of the glass shower door where you want privacy, and leave the remaining glass part for something interesting.
  11. Arched shower door design
    Add some creativity to your bathroom by getting yourself an arched shower door design. While its elegance does add style to your bathroom, an arched shower door helps create a much softer look.
  12. Framed shower doors
    You can always get a framed shower door if you have a particular design or trend to follow. It works into the theme and holds your bathroom together.So you see, there are so many glass shower door designs trending this year. You just have to choose something that fits into your bathroom, and of course, your budget. By doing so, you will be able to add some different style and pizzazz to yours.

    Whatever design you choose, make sure it is your shower’s exact measurements. This is to ensure it fits into its space better. You may need some help to do this, which you can find in Regal Glass.

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